Looking for a personal trainer in cockermouth & Surrounding Villages?

Personal training from 5am to 10pm, 7 days a week. I’m confident we can find a slot that is convenient for your diary.

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“Matt is so happy about sharing his knowledge. He’s like a super smart puppy. He is oozing excitement as he explains the exercises. You can see his passion and know he completely believes in what he teaches. I love it.”

4 Middleton Grove, Tallentire, Cockermouth, CA13 0PX

My core principle is that exercise improves lives. I’m passionate about the benefits that strength training brings in terms of health and wellbeing. Through my services, I aim to improve accessibility, encourage participation, and champion achievement. Whether you’re a beginner who’s considering working out for the first time, a regular lifter or a professional athlete, I hope to be part of your journey and inspire your progress.

“Excellent! Matt is knowledgeable, thorough and flexible, knowing when and when not to push hard.” David R.

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Are you tired of the body you have right now? Do you want to be leaner, healthier & fitter? I can help you get the body you have always wanted methodically & in an ultra-supportive environment.

Benefits of training with Matt

Effective and Enjoyable Training Programmes
Never Feel Judged or Ashamed
Sessions You Will Want To Come Back To
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Change your body shape.

The worse shape you are in the more and faster I can help you. Let’s burn calories currently stored as fat whilst strengthening and toning your musculature.

Age stronger.

Avoid future injuries by bullet-proofing your body with strength. Don’t wait to get injured and have to rehab – do PREHAB with me & lower your chances of & impact of any future injuries.

Improve mood, sleep & posture.

I make your body more functionally sound by correcting the shortfalls of modern living on your spine, back and shoulders.

Burn fat more throughout the day.

Unlike simple crash diets which actually cost you more muscle than they lose you fat I turn your body its an objectively better calorie burning machine.

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