Who invented the gym & when did they do it?

Contents1 5th Century BC2 17043 17964 18185 18326 18387 18498 18529 187110 189511 190212 191213 192714 193915 195116 195317 August 25, 196518 197419 November 1, 198420 198921 199222 199223 199824 199925 200926 201927 2020 5th Century BC The ancient Greeks invent (a basic form) of the dumbbell called a haltere. 1704 The term “kettlebell” is first used, in Russian. Kettlebell exercises were later popularized in the late 1800s by a Russian Vladislav Kraevsky. 1796 The Gymnasticon, an early exercise machine resembling a stationary bicycle, was invented by Francis Lowndes. Its function was to exercise the joints, either “in all parts of the body at once, or partially.” 1818 William Cubitt, a civil engineer, created the treadmill—which was also called a treadwheel in the early days. Cubitt later became famous for overseeing the construction of The Crystal Palace in London in 1851. Treadmills were initially used as punishment devices in British prisons – by 1842 more than half of British prisons had one. The likes of Oscar Wilde, imprisoned for gross indecency, worked the treadmill. 1832 Creatine is discovered by a French scientist, Michel Eugene Chevreul, who extracted …

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Why Gym Memberships Don’t Improve Health

At any one time around 10.39 Million British people hold gym memberships. That’s substantially more than Spain, Ireland, France, Italy & Portugal on a per capita basis. So are British people in better shape than these countries (as you might expect)? Well life expectancy is lower in the UK than all five of those European nations. The UK also has the highest obesity rate of all of those nations with 27.8% of UK adults being obese which is higher than Italy (19.9%), France (21.6%), Spain (21.6%), Portugal (22.8%) & Ireland (25.3%). So more gym memberships doesn’t mean better health. Why? The gym industry isn’t about health or fitness its about profits – with an annual turnover of north of £5 billion a year the sector needs a churn of overweight and obese people to support the 191,000 people it employs. Most people don’t have a clue what they’re doing at the gym. Gym inductions are not even a legal requirement anymore. Not that those offer anything more than general “this is where the treadmills are, this is where the weights are” sort of information. The “industry” is failing …

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Is Slimming World A Good Way To Lose Weight & Keep It Off?

Slimming World was founded in Derbyshire way back in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. In 2000 Slimming World started to get NHS referrals by doctors for overweight patients to their groups. As many as 200,000 patients have been referred this way in the last 21 years. Slimming World claim as many as 900,000 people attend meetings every week in the UK & Ireland. I don’t think that 900,000 claim holds water – but somewhere around half a million people are probably attending meetings weekly. This is still a huge number of people. Now the idea behind Slimming World is very simple – you have foods that are ok to eat & foods that are only ok to eat in a limited fashion. I believe that the strength of the Slimming World method is the flexibility built in to their system. It would be very easy for me to write out the perfect diet for you – with calculations based on your body mass, basal metabolic rate and goals. But you’re human, you need to be given some wiggle room. This is where Slimming World is useful – it …

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