My name is Matthew Hamilton. I live just outside of Cockermouth in the village of Tallentire. I originally hail from Cape Town, South Africa and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 2014. I have 25 years of training experience. I have worked with professional athletes & private individuals alike helping them attain their body & fitness goals.

I specialise in weight loss – using a customised program of weight training, cardio and diet to help clients bring their weight down in a way that is most likely to last. I enjoy explaining my methods to clients and am always learning and refining my craft. I spend a great deal of time staying on the cutting edge of the research into the field of sustainable weight loss.

I am confident you will lose excess bodyfat, get leaner & maintain your improved physique by training with me.


  • fat loss (cutting)
  • strength training
  • low impact cardio
  • knee rehabilitation & prehabilitation
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