Knee Rehab

Roughly 40% of all sports related injuries involve the knee joint. The knee joint is a complex – common injuries of the knee include: ACL tear or sprain, medial meniscus tear or sprain, lateral meniscus tear or sprain, MCL tear or sprain, LCL tear or sprain, and PCL tear or sprain.

knee joint

The chances of a given person suffering a significant knee injury during their lifetime is about 10%. The trouble for many of these people is that what starts out as an acute problem often, mostly even sadly, can become a chronic battle. What can often happen is a vicious circle of knee injury-obesity-inability to deal with obesity due to immobility can emerge. This is because high impact knee-jarring exercise are the most touted forms of cardio. So knee injury leads to the inability to burn calories via traditional forms of high impact cardio (running for example) which leads to a caloric imbalance (surplus) which means weight gain which makes a bad knee situation worse and so the vicious circle perpetuates.

How I Break The Knee Injury-Obesity Loop

  1. I strengthen your knees from the bottom up. Ankles to knees, knees to hips. Your body has inherent safety nets against injury to your knees and I load the dice in your favour by strengthen your underdeveloped shock absorbers.
  2. I advocate low impact or no impact forms of cardio.
  3. We work on your knees constantly and indefinitely.
  4. Through low/no impact cardio & diet we bring your weight down which places less constant stress on your knee joint.
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